Bra Size Chart 

First, wear a non-padded, non-wired bra as this will ensure you find the best fit. Then, get a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror.

How to Measure Bra Size
  1. BAND SIZE. Wrap the tape measure round your chest just beneath the breasts. This is your Band Size
  2. BUST SIZE. Now wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your Bust Size.
  3. CUP SIZE. Subtract the Band Size from the Bust Size.



Teenage Bra Size Chart

Slip-on. Slip-on bras, otherwise known as crop top bra is the best bra for teenager and a comfortable option to help teens transition to bras. They function well for girls who are at the early stage of development. They offer minimal support but offer pretty good coverage for the budding breasts.