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Own your curves | How to love your body

16 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Own your curves | How to love your body | How to embrace your curves?

Stating a fact that the so called models having slim body figures are portrayed as the perfect body type but the reality is that they are neither perfect nor real. The fact is that Approximately 67% of women in the U.S. wear sizes 14 to 34 which is actually the size worn by plus size women. So in reality women do not have Victoria secret slim model figure but they have diverse body types.

   "Curves are beautiful. It's time to realize your curves are beautiful."

 There are many beautiful plus-sized models who are also curvy. being a size 2 or 20 does not matter and never proves your worthiness. The idealistic slim zero size body type is fading as more and more women are embracing their actual body types and refusing to do heaps of work to get a body shape that is thought to be fashionable.  

Many women suffer mental health issues as well as eating disorders in order to fit into these societal norms. 

To own your curves, you must:

Stop fighting against your curves and learn to love the way you look. Seriously, you only get one body and you only get one chance to live and enjoy it.

One of the main mistakes that many curvy women make is to try to hide their curves under king-size, loose-fitting pieces or squishing themselves into way too tight dresses. Wrong! This is pretty much a guaranteed method for remaining uncomfortable all the day long and creating difficult lumps and bumps. Showing off your natural feminine shape in clothes that fit just right is a much better solution.

  • Boosting your body confidence.
  • Engaging into body positive activities.
  • Excluding everybody who pushes negativity into you.
  • Surround yourself with all the body positive supporters.
  • Dress up according to your body type.
  • Do not even try the smaller sizes that won't even fit.

Moreover, you should care for your body ad it is the most important thing. Sizes do not matter but health does. A healthy and strong body is what you need to be happy. To do that you must exercise, go for a walk or jog. Eat healthy and nutritious food to fill up all the requirements of your body.

So basically, you should love your body the way it is. Do not try to fit in when your body can bot. It is not wrong and you are not ugly. You are pretty and beautiful as you are. 

Your view of you is always what matters. As long as women exercise and eat well, men don't mind curvy bodies. It'll boost your love life. If you embrace your curves and stop being ashamed of them, your love life can benefit. has a largest collection of body shapers which will help you to shapeup your body. You can find our Nightwear collection for curvy body here.

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