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Can Wearing a Bra cause Breast Cancer ?

03 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Can wearing a bra cause breast cancer ?

The answer to this question is pretty simple . NO!

The Myth:

It was usually thought that wearing a bra (black bra , underwired bra) leads to lumps in breast tissues and ultimately cause breast cancer.

The idea behind it :

The myth originally started with the 1995 book "Dressed to Kill" by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer that proposes a link between bras and breast cancer.

 The proposed theory stated that wearing black bra would cause absorption of all types of heat waves leading to cancer and for underwired bra it was thought that a bra or especially an underwired bra would restrict the flow of lymph fluid out of the breast tissue leafing to accumulation of lymph fluid and then toxic substances in the breast cancer tissue.


There are no scientific or clinical researches or studies that prove this myth so In 2014 it was rejected because research proved that there was np link of wearing bras to breast cancer .

 The Fact:

The fact is that all such propositions are myths . The color of your bra (being black or white) or the shape/type of your bra has no link to breast cell cancers.

Some other facts :
o Women develop breast cancer more than men.
o Risk of developing cancer doesn't decline with age .
o Only 5-10% of breast cancer is genetically obtained .
o Big overweight ( having BMI greater than recommended points) increases your chances of developing cancer .
o There is no link between sugary diet and breast cancer .
o In most cases of breast cancer you develop lumps that can be felt but not always . 

 Breast cancer is difficult to avoid but what matters is on time diagnosis and treatment . You should get yourself checked by a proper oncologist to avoid any regrets. Every cancer is different so it can not be treated the same way. It can also not be avoided but surely can be treated

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