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How to choose best body shaper and how to use it?

09 Nov 2021 0 Comments

How to choose best body shaper and how to use it?

"In the beginning, shapewear used to be too tight and it would push the fat in the wrong way, which was just not flattering," 

As long as you wear it properly, shapewear should be relatively comfortable. "There are different levels. It can be ultra or light slimming,You don't have to wear something that will totally change your shape. You can choose what spots, to target just your thighs, butt, stomach, or multiple areas."

That is, if you know how to choose and use your shapewear, and know why it should never be too tight.

Consider the following points, which will help you to choose the best shapewear.

  • Get the Right Fit, many times women choose down size to look more fit but do you know it can irritate you or can skin allergy for long hours use. always choose right size or stick to your size.
  • Not too tight, If the garment is tight around the hip area especially it can constrict the blood circulation to the lower legs. You should use common sense and if there is discomfort, should attempt a larger size.
  • Not Only for Special Occasions, you can use it on regular basis so that it will help you to reduce your weight. 
  • Tights or leg stocking  will be your first choice, it can cover the thighs, rear, hips, and waist.
  • Full body suit or stocking  with a chest cut-out. It will cover all like stomach, hips etc but it will flatten your figure. 
  • If you want to cover your stomach, you should try camisole
  • Shapewear panties  or seamless brief can help eliminate panty lines and slim down your thighs, hips, rear, and even your stomach.
  • For smooth line you can choose High waisted body shaper.
  • In winter you can choose nylone because it will give you some extera heat but in summer you should try cotton blended body shaper which will help you to stay cool. 

Can shapewear be worn daily?

You can wear shapewear to work, as long as it's not bothering you. ... If you are prone to bladder infections, yeast infections, or GI symptoms like reflux, wearing shapewear every day may not be such a good idea.

How long should you wear shapewear?

It's important to limit yourself to wearing shapewear for a maximum of eight hours. Otherwise, you can suffer from different skin problems or body issues. In particular, too tight shapewear can occasionally cause digestive issues. Shapewear isn't exactly comfort wear.

Should I buy shapewear one size smaller?

Buy the right size. The slimming lycra in shapewear will hug your body in all of the right places, so there's no need to go down a size. If you're thinking that a smaller option will give you an extra boost, think again. The body shapers are designed to enhance your silhouette according to your true size.

Can shapewear reshape your body permanently?

The answer is an unequivocal no. Shapewear is intended for instant slimming and control underneath your clothing. ... So while it's true that shapewear can flatter your body, it absolutely cannot permanently reshape your body.

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