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How to choose a perfume for a woman

13 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Women and their personality traits come in handy while figuring out the best perfume for them. Choose Best Perfume For Women According To Their Personality. Whether to pick a perfume that is fruity, floral, exotic or earthy has been decoded by listing the best perfumes for women with different personalities. 

Different women associate with different kinds of fragrances, some like to adorn floral scent, some like the fruity scent, while the other women tilt towards woody, oriental and musk based perfumes. Picking the best kind of perfume for women is harder than it seems.

Types of perfumes:

The four kinds of concentration are:

a.) Eau De Cologne- This one has the lowest concentration. The scent can linger up to 2 hours max. It is made up of 5% oil mixed with alcohol and water.

b.) Eau De Toilette- Still a diluted form of perfume but it’s strong than cologne. It has more concentration of 8% and can last up to 4 hours.

c.) Eau De Parfum- Stronger than the last two levels. It lasts up to at least 6 hours and has 18% more oil & alcohol concentration.

d.) Parfum/Perfume- This is just labeled Perfume. It has the highest concentration level up to 30% and can linger throughout the day. 

This can’t be stressed enough. However, you want to consider a few things before you test out a perfume at your local store.

a.) Make sure you don’t have any other fragrances on you such as body mist, some other perfume, and even body lotion. This is because your body chemistry is unique and will determine how the scent will be on you.

b.) When you are shopping for a fragrance, you want to limit the number of fragrances. It’s best to test out anywhere between 3-6 per shopping trip.

c.) Spray the scent in the air or on a blotting sheet first before trying it out on your body so you will know what the perfume smells like on its own.

d.) Spray a little on your wrist and don’t mix perfumes. Check to see how the perfume reacts on your skin and how it smells on you. When you are done testing out one perfume, try another one after a few minutes so your sense of smell can neutralize.  

Kind of perfume for different women:

Here's our complete breakdown of the best kind of perfumes for different women based on their personalities.

  • Shy Women: If your personality is shy then subtlety is your best suit, opt for subtle fragrances like lavender and cherry blossom.
  • Romantic Women: If you're the hardcore romantic who is all about passion and ferocity pick a perfume that is strong with a hint of romanticism rose with nodes of musk that will work best for you.
  • Deep Women: If you're the kind of woman who likes to maintain a sense of mystery about herself opt for a perfume that is layered and detailed with multiple nodes. Select a light base, something like vanilla and top it off with a complex node of spice or wood.
  • Classic Chic Women: Classic perfumes are timeless and elegant, something that has a sense of nostalgia etched in them. Choose a perfume made with musk, vanilla and amber for that finely aged smell that lasts.
  • Fun & Flirty Women: Complement your vibrant personality with a scent that is made of citrus, apple and vanilla. A perfume that will blend with your vivacious persona.
  • Simple Women: Fruit-based perfumes work best for the ones with the girl next door personality. You can single out fragrances that are made of strawberry, raspberry, peach, melon and honey. The fragrances have a sweet and pleasant smell that will resonate with your personality.
  • Daring Women: If you are looking for something innovative and a little avant-garde, you might enjoy wearing unisex fragrances, even masculine fragrances. Indeed, the fragrance goes beyond genre, and the main thing is that the fragrance gives you a powerful emotion. In addition, the perfume varies according to each person, it is not unlikely that a masculine perfume will become more feminine on your skin.

    Finally, if you are looking for a powerful fragrance, you may be attracted by fragrances based on oud wood, offered by many brands.

Perfumes for women with a charming style

If you have more of a warm and enveloping style, you probably appreciate the subtly gourmand and sensual fragrances. And if you are the charming type, the oriental or wooded family will suit you best. In addition, vanilla and balsamic notes would not displease you, and you can definitely opt for oriental or amber, even woody.

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